Coffee Theory, offers a personalized consumer experience that changes everything we know about coffee retailers.
Having now defined their “theory on coffee”, with the company Delmocca, which has already been in the Speciality Coffee market for 17 years, they are laying a strong foundation for the development of a strong network of stores.
Coffee Theory decided to develop, presenting an innovative concept of modern aesthetics, in order to bring the coffee lover closer to the concept of specialty coffee.
Coffee Theory’s goal is to share all the knowledge they have, the top quality, the modern management tools and the top brewing methods, offering constantly new choices in delicious coffee varieties, drinks, healthy and vegan snacks, in the most modern and ecological Coffee Shop.
In combination with Delmocca’s experience, the profitability of its franchisees is not only ensured, but the guarantees of continuous and dynamic growth are provided.
With a development plan that includes several corporate stores (3-4 by the end of the year) and franchise stores in selected areas of Athens and the province, Coffee Theory aims to offer the market a top Total Customer Experience.


Delmocca’s parent company, understanding the needs of franchisees and the challenges they face in the current competitive environment, designed Coffee Theory’s franchise proposal to differentiate itself by providing a number of important benefits to its partners, including:

• Excellent shop design, in terms of aesthetics, materials and ergonomics.
• Full, substantial and continuous support from the parent company, which has top logistical and human infrastructure and follows the motto “Always by our Partners”.
• Ongoing training by an Authorized SCAE Trainer, covering all areas, to ensure excellent customer service.
• A wide and highly sophisticated product mix with superior and consistent quality products, based on unique recipes and top quality raw materials.
• High profitability, due to both the compressed food cost, and operating procedures that reduce operating costs.
• Compressed initial investment, due to the parent company’s extensive know-how and experience.
• Use of new technologies in the operation of the stores, e-order, loyalty platform etc.
• Direct support on equipment issues, quality control, machine maintenance, repairs, replacements, etc.
• National promotional activities.
• Finding and evaluating stores, with the parent company having a special real estate department that prepares commercial studies.

If you find Coffee Theory’s business proposal attractive, you can contact us via email at and we will contact you to assess the growth prospects in the area you are interested in.

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